What Are the Rudest Things You Can Do When You Text?

A new survey by Buzzfeed found how many people consider different text moves rude.  Check out the results . . .



1.  Texting on a date, 94% of people say it’s rude.


2.  Texting during a movie at a theater, 87%.


3.  Texting while you’re out to dinner with other people, 76%.


4.  Just replying to a text with a lowercase “k,” 65%.


5.  Just sending a one-word response, 33%.


6.  Intentionally waiting to respond to a text, 31%.


7.  Texting while you walk, 26%.


8.  Texting someone who’s in the room, 14%.


9.  Using a lot of emojis, 11%.


10.  Texting long paragraphs, 7%.