Kevin Says Wedding Proposal is Staged, But We Disagree. WATCH VIDEO!

Kevin didn’t watch this couple’s engagement video all the way through before claiming the whole thing was, ‘Staged.’ But, that’s Kevin.

‘Phony, if you ask me,’ he said when we played the video for him.

Kev isn’t one to believe everything he sees, and always doubts the validity of videos that make the news. He consistently tends to err on the side of caution, due to others who have created moments for the camera in an effort to grab 15 minutes of fame. (Balloon boy, anyone?) Sometimes he is right, often he isn’t.

In this incident, Kevin says it would be easy to tell a 3-year-old to go to the bathroom on cue and even claims the couple probably did the proposal 3 times before getting the timing right. Kevin questions why the photographer didn’t move away when she spotted the boy taking care of business, or why the bride-to-be doesn’t seem overly excited to be asked for her hand in marriage. We agree on the latter. Yet, two of us are believers and think it’s legit.

What about YOU?

Jenna Rae

Jack Shell