Indianapolis Restaurant Owner Offering Free Meals To Government Workers Impacted By Shutdown

The government shutdown has been in effect for nearly two weeks. In that time, many employees are not able to work, or working without being paid. To help ease that burden a little bit, a local restaurant owners is offering free meals. Chef Neal Brown owns Ukiyo, Pizzology and Libertine and he recently took to Facebook to make the announcement.

“Restaurants and chefs are in a unique position to help people who find themselves in these circumstances,” Brown wrote. According to Fox 59, he went on to say that government employees who could show proof of the employment would be able to receive a gift card to one of the restaurants.

So far, only a few people have taken him up on the offer. One woman “came with her two kids and she seemed very happy that we were offering that kind of experience for her,” said Pizzology server Madeline Williams

But many others are getting behind the act by donating to the cause. “We’ve actually very generously had donors come forward saying that they will help subsidize these efforts which is pretty cool,” Brown said.