John Osbourne’s Lost Dog Shows Up At His Brother’s House FIVE Miles Away [PHOTO]

Sometimes I think my dogs are super smart. Other times I wonder how they are still alive. But John Osborne’s dog might just be the smartest pup out there. After losing her on New Year’s Eve due to the fireworks, John posted on social media asking for help finding Barley.

John kept fans updated via the Brothers Osborne Twitter account. Hours after she went missing, Barley turned up somewhere familiar…her uncle’s house. Turns out she walked/ran the five miles to TJ Osborne’s home.

I’m 98% sure my dogs couldn’t find their way home from down the street. So I am super impressed that she was able to make a six hour voyage. Can you imagine if your friend or family member’s dog just showed up at your house alone? Like, heyyyy, feed me and love me.