A Few Ways to Stop Being Late All the Time

Hey it’s Kevin …

I hate being late for anything.  I live by the motto: if you’re on time, you’re 5 minutes late.  Deb & Jim say it’s because I’m uptight.


Here are my top strategists for being on time.

1. When you estimate how long it’ll take to get somewhere, always round up to the nearest 10. Like instead of saying, “It’ll take 14 minutes to get there,” assume 20 minutes.  Or for Deb, round up to the nearest 20 to give her time to stop at Starbucks.

2. Buy a wall clock. Put it somewhere you can see it while you’re getting ready … maybe get several.

3. Time yourself. If you’re always late for work, maybe you’re just not giving yourself enough time in the morning.  Tune into the JDK Show earlier in the morning and enjoy the process of getting ready.