You Can Give Your Significant Other a Bouquet of Olive Garden Breadsticks This Valentine’s Day

Nothing says romance like free bread.

If you want to score major points this Valentine’s Day, you can give your significant other a bouquet of OLIVE GARDEN BREADSTICKS.

They put templates up online that you can print out and then fold into a bouquet container . . . then head over to Olive Garden and buy their breadsticks to fill up the bouquet.

But to play it save you still might want to stop by a florist too!

Here’s a pic and link





Jim, Deb & Kevin

Using His Bad For Good

Using His Bad For Good

image from pixabay We love this story! This isn’t USUALLY the type of skill you want inmates working on while they’re in jail . . . A couple locked their keys in their SUV outside a courthouse in New Port Richey, Florida.  And their one-year-old daughter was inside. There were a bunch of cops around. …