Shake Shack IS (Probably) Coming To Indy, But No One Is Happy About The Location

(Photo from Pixabay)


Okay, at this point it seems like Shake Shack just likes stringing us along. First they post a job in Indy, then say they appreciate the love but aren’t coming here any time soon. And now we learn that they are actually in the mix of new vendors being considered for the Indianapolis International Airport.

But as it exciting as it would be to have them here…the airport? Really?

According to the Indy Star, minutes from a recent meeting at the airport say HMS Host “proposed the fast-casual restaurant, Shake Shack, for the location in Concourse B with a menu featuring burgers, fries, milkshakes and a robust breakfast menu.”


Why you gotta play on our emotions like this Shake Shack? Are you coming, or are you not? And to the airport. I mean, I’d eat there when I flew out but I’m not going there just for a burger and shake.