Survey Says ……. McDonalds (again)


National French Fry Day
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 It’s National French Fry Weekend (okay it’s really just Saturday – but we decided to make it the full weekend).

A new survey found McDonald’s fries are still our favorite.  (we would have to agree).

BTW — here’s a little hint  from Deb’s mom:  When you order your fries, request for them to be “hot”.  This is a subtle way to ask for them to be fresh.  And don’t forget to ask for extra ketchup.

Here’s the results of the survey:

1.  McDonald’s with 43% of the vote.

2.  Chick-fil-A, 18%.

3.  Wendy’s, 13%.

4.  In-N-Out Burger, 9%. (we’ve never had them – might be time for a JDK road trip)

5.  Arby’s, 8%. (one word — Curly!)

6.  Shake Shack, 5%. (same as #4)

7.  Somewhere else, 4%. (Steak & Shake, Red Robin (unlimited fries), Burger King, and Hardees)