JDK in Nashville

Jim, Deb & Kevin Wanna Make You a Millionaire

Listen Monday at 7:10 am as we reveal our Mega Millions numbers! If we win, we split the money 50/50 (after taxes) with our partners who were randomly selected from our listening audience! 💰💲💰💲💰💲 Envelopes remain locked in our safe over the weekend! 🗝️    MORE

kev beach

WATCH: Kevin’s Hula Dance and Coconut Bra is better than Christmas

Kevin made good on his word after we forced asked him to don a grass skirt and coconut bra on Facebook Live, and well, it’s quite…what’s the word I’m looking for here…um…well…it’s…SPECIAL. Yeah, that’s it. It was all kinds of special. First, kudos to Kevin for being an amazingly good sport! If you were asked…MORE


Michelle Sang Like a Leprechaun and Did NOT Disappoint

All week, we have asked you to sing your favorite Garth song…like a LEPRECHAUN! (Hence, why we call it our Leprechauncert!) Michelle was up for the challenge, and did not let us down. How fun was this? Another chance to win tickets to Garth’s historical Notre Dame performance tomorrow morning at 8:10!MORE


Jason Aldean Gives Jim, Deb & Kevin the ULTIMATE Surprise

Most of us dread getting out of bed on Monday mornings, so you can imagine our surprise when our studio phone lit up and we found country music superstar Jason Aldean on the line! No, he wasn’t out of gas nearby and in need of a ride. He wasn’t in need of baby advice with…MORE

Colts Blues Song

Jim has the Monday morning blues!!

The Colts lost to the Jets yesterday. Dang it. This means we have the Monday morning blues, so Jim wrote a song about it. Lets all sing along … it might make us feel better!    MORE

kellie pickler

TBT – The time we (Jim) hung up on Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler is coming to the Palladium in Carmel on November 3rd. For this week’s Throw Back Thursday Kellie talks about winning Dancing With The Stars (but not before we hung up on her).  Click below to listen.MORE

joe pic

WWE star Somoa Joe visits with JDK

Somoa Joe answers some rapid fire questions from JDK.  He has a great story about dancing at the 1984 summer Olympics.  Click on the link to hear it!MORE


Jake Owen Made His Mama Proud!

Jake Own told JDK that he’s saved a old voicemail from his mom.  He’s such a good son!  Click below to hear the full story.  MORE

Meet the Morning Show

denny-dittyI’ve spent my life in the country, Country radio that is. For 30 years I’ve been in the business and spent the last 27 years at award winning WFMS radio in Indianapolis, Indiana hosting the morning show.

My love for Glen Campbell’s music inspired me to start playing both Bluegrass and Country Music at the age of 9. In college my passion for music lead me to play in several bands, while playing in those bands, I got his start in radio at a station in Danville, Indiana, In the mid 80’s, I played with a young aspiring fiddle player named Alison Krauss and traveled in a band with her while working full time at the station in Danville.

In 1986, I got my first break in country radio when I was added to the morning show line up and also became Program Director of WIRE in Indianapolis, the station I grew up listening to. In 1988, I began my career here at country music giant WFMS and have called WFMS my home for the past 28 years.
One of the big thrills of my career was in 2014 when I was honored to be inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame.

Over the years, I’ve been involved with many charity organizations, but my love for animals leads me to spend time helping the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

I’m blessed to be able to work with my wife each morning, 30 year WFMS veteran Mimi Pearce and my greatest thrill is spending time with my family.

  • Favorite Sports Team: The Indianapolis Colts
  • Favorite TV Show: HGTV Fixer Upper
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Favorite Country Song: Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places
  • Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams

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