1st Annual Corporate Challenge for Youth

Lucas Oil Raceway –  10267 East, US-136
Indianapolis, Indiana 46234
United States

Youth Opportunity Foundation (YOF) is a public charity dedicated to helping troubled teens become successful adults. It is in the final planning stages of its’ 1st Annual Corporate MINI Challenge. As in the past, the success of its events has been largely due to the contributions of the participants in the events and its generous sponsors. The money raised by YOF is used to provide opportunities for at-risk youth such as scholarships, mentoring, employment, and applied research for issues affecting the population served. One area of research that YOF targets is the effect of traumatic brain injuries leading high-risk behavior among children. Another primary focus of YOF’s support is for treatment of victims of human trafficking.


Please contact Mirranda Adams via phone at (317) 587-8880 x132 or e-mail at mirranda.adams@yofoundation.org to register