Read Maren Morris’ Love Note To Boyfriend Ryan Hurd

Read Maren Morris’ Love Note To Boyfriend Ryan Hurd

Maren Morris and her boyfriend Ryan Hurd have become inseparable as of late. The lovebirds have been seen out and about on red carpets, sharing birthday celebrations, going on vacation together and enjoying late night outings.

Maren and Ryan, who met at a writing session in 2013, have been keeping us in their relationship loop through posts on their Instagram accounts. Neither of the rising stars are hold back on sharing their feelings about one another.

“He’s always just been so talented, but I think the biggest thing about him that I fell in love with was just his kind heart,” Maren told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s one of the most thoughtful people in the world.”

The “My Church” singer is so enamored with her beau, that she took to Instagram to share a love note for the main man in her life.

“Years ago we made a pact,” Maren begins the Instagram post. “A handshake that we’d try this “artist thing” out because our hearts were telling us to do so, but we also agreed we’d never let ego or jealousy precede the love we have for one another. Saw you close your first ever tour this week and just a few short years ago, I was meeting you in a dimly lit writing room somewhere; intrigued and smiling like a lunatic at a boy with a legal pad full of song titles. I’m still confused at why you don’t own a laptop. Your heart is unlike anyone’s I’ve ever known, @ryanhurd . You’ve been at my side for every award & moment, and now I get to see you shake this world up. Chase your dream and cheer theirs on, too.”

Ahhh young love!