Current Columbine Students Started A Movement To End Gun Violence

(Photo from Pexels)

Whenever I hear the name “Columbine,” I’m transported to a dark place in US history. It was only 20 years ago that the Columbine High School massacre took the lives of 12 students and 1 teacher. In remembrance of that day, current students of CHS have started a movement called #MyLastShot.

#MyLastShot is an effort to share more of the gruesome photos of the victims of gun violence. The students behind this are hoping that forcing people to see the photos of the dead (when they are dead) will be more powerful than showing the pictures of victim when they were alive. A quick Google search of “Columbine massacre” will populate the school photos of those victims. In the Instagram video below, students draw attention to the shock value of the photos of Emmitt Till’s open casket.

Joining this movement is quite simple — just order or print a sticker to put on a personal item you carry with you like an ID. This is sort of like the little heart you get on your driver’s license when you agree to organ donation. The sticker reads

“In the event that I die from gun violence, please publicize the photo of my death. #MyLastShot Signed, ________________________.”

While this movement very well may go big across the nation, but Indy has it’s own initiatives in play already. Indy native and Warren Central grad, Brandon Warren, started We LIVE right here in Indianapolis. We LIVE is a youth organization against gun violence. According to Fox59, We LIVE put on a homicide re-enactment on Martin Luther King Day and pointed out the similarities between their efforts and those of #MyLastShot.