Eighth Grade Girls Are Beating The Boys…

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(Photo from Pixabay)

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) is a growing focus in schools with an added push for female involvement. Based on a national test, it looks like that initiative is headed for a successful outcome. According to US News, 8th grade boys may be taking more engineering and technology classes, but girls are outperforming them on the Technology and Engineering Literary Assessment. The exam was administered to 15,400 students among 600 U.S. schools in 2018.

Of the students that tested, 61% of boys reported taking at least one tech or engineering course while only 53% of girls reported doing the same.

Peggy Carr is the associate commissioner of the assessments division at the National Center for Education Statistics. Inreference to these results, Carr said,

“Girls continue to perform better than boys … It’s a really strong finding here.”

I remember hearing “girls rule, boys drool” when I was in 8th grade… Cheers to the girls! AND the boys! …Because there are plenty of us (like me) that don’t hold a candle to these kids!

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