Burger King Tries Its Hand At Mental Health?? [VIDEO]

(Photo from Pexels)

Burger King recently launched a new campaign called #FeelYourWay with Mental Health America surrounding it’s “Real Meals” …because no one is happy all the time. Yes. Take that McDonald’s Happy Meals.

#FeelYourWay aims to let BK customers know that it’s okay not to be okay. The fast food chain released this video as part of the campaign:

While some may find the video to be a refreshing, maybe more realistic take on how we deal with mental health today… Not everyone is impressed with Burger King. Here are some of the roast-y tweets that have surfaced since the chain started it’s campaign:

It’s always a gamble when taking on social issues like this, but only time will tell how this affects the company (and society) in the long run.

If you wanna give them a try, you have choices. Pick from PISSED, YAAAS, DGAF, SALTY, or BLUE:

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