The “Full House” House Is For Sale And It’s Gorgeous [Photos]

(Photo from Pixabay)
(Photo from Pixabay)

The house from “Full House” and “Fuller House” is now on the market. It’s been renovated inside and it’s gorgeous.

Of course, it looks nothing like the interior featured on the shows. Those scenes were shot in studio in Burbank, but the exterior is the one you know and love.

It’s also worth nothing, it’s in a different part of San Francisco than where the opening scene takes place. The row of house featured in the opening is called the Painted Ladies. The “Full House” home is actually about a mile north on Broderick Street.

Here’s a walk through of the home. You can see more photos over at TODAY. If you’re interested in purchasing theĀ 3,728-square-foot home, it’ll only cost you $5.999 million.