Dierks Bentley Fined For Fishing Without A License After Festival Goers Turn Him In

Dierks Bentley
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Dierks Bentley got saddled with a hefty fine of $139.50 for fishing without a license in Colorado. Which is pretty much chump change for him.

Dierks and buddy Luke Bryan were talking about fishing on stage during Seven Peaks Festival. According to the Denver Post, after hearing the artists, fans called Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Apparently the calls weren’t enough for them to look into it, but the photo Dierks posted on Twitter was…

When Dierks Bentley came into town he was meant by an officer. The two went into the officer’s truck to get away from the crowd that had formed. Dierks then posted a video (which I can’t seem to find) telling Luke Bryan and Hardy to watch out because they were next.

The fee was paid on site and the officer said Dierks was very nice and is welcome back any time—with a license. No fine has come Luke Bryan’s way yet since he didn’t post anything on social media (let this be a warning to you).

For his part, Dierks Bentley said he appreciated being fined and treated like a regular person. He added that next time he’ll get a license and everything will be above board.