An Alabama High School Removed Stall Doors In Boys’ Bathrooms

bathroom stalls
(Cumulus Indianapolis)

We’ve all heard the 70s song “Smoking In The Boys’ Room,” but it’s still a thing in 2019 — specifically at Wilson High School in northern Alabama.

The school is dealing with students going into the bathrooms to smoke and vape. Recently, a boy was found passed out in the bathroom after vaping too much. In hopes of discouraging the behavior and making it harder to hide, Principal Horton okayed the removal of the stall doors in the boys’ bathrooms. According to the New York Post, parents were concerned with the invasion of privacy in the bathroom and questioned why it was only done in the male restrooms. WAFF48¬†got some parent interviews where they suggest things like bathroom spotters and hall monitors.

This may just be a temporary fix to the issue.