Eric Church Called Out Garth Brooks During A Recent Concert

Eric Church
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Garth Brooks won Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards and the reactions were mixed. Some fans agreed with the pick, while others wanted to see Carrie Underwood or Eric Church take home the biggest award of the night.

Eric Church might be one of those in the latter camp. At his Washington D.C. show over the weekend, he was doing a cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Are You Sure Hank Done It His Way.” At one point he changed the lyrics to “I know Garth didn’t do it this way.” He then laughed and walked towards his band and the crowd cheered loudly.

This wouldn’t be the first time Eric Church called out Garth Brooks. Two years ago when Garth took home the same award over Eric and others, he had something to say. It wasn’t about the award, but about Garth’s performance. He said the following according to Saving Country Music:

“That pissed me off. To me, lip-syncing is and always will be a red line. It’s fabricated. I don’t want young artists thinking it’s OK, because it’s not … So the winner of the biggest category of the night lip-synced in the biggest moment on the show? F that! And I didn’t like his excuse at all. I felt like he was speaking for the other nominees. I can speak for myself—I’m not lip-syncing. If I can’t sing, I won’t sing, or I’ll sing badly. But at least you’ll get what you get.”

You can check out the video below. The Garth bit is about a minute in.