Kevin here … I have an old chocolate lab named Memphis.  He’s around 10 years old (were not sure of his exact age because he’s a rescue).  Earlier this summer, he was diagnosed with cancer.  After consulting with our Vet, we felt it was best to just treat his pain and not the cancer.  The plan is to just keep him comfortable until the inevitable happens.

In the last 4 months Memphis has had good days and bad days.

Last Sunday, our one-year-old grandson Chase came for a week-long visit.  His mom and dad are on a cruise to celebrate their wedding anniversary, so my wife, Andrea, and I jumped at the chance to hang with Chase and it’s been a lot of fun!

The best part? Memphis and Chase have been inseparable!  Memphis follows Chase from room to room as if he’s the babysitter. Chase loves to climb and lay on Memphis and the two have become the best of friends.

Something amazing resulted in this new friendship between Memphis & Chase. We noticed Memphis regained a new spirit, even a sense of youthfulness. You would never now he’s dying of cancer, as he’s been distracted by his new buddy in the home. Chase has been the best medicine for him!

Over the next few months, Memphis will have his scheduled visits to the vet & lots of play dates with Chase.

No prescription needed.