8-Year-Old Pays off Entire School Lunch Debt by Selling Key Chains

Side hustles are becoming ever so popular in 2020, but an elementary school student made one of his own to do good with.

8-year-old Keoni Ching sharpened his business and philanthropy skills to raise over $4,000 to pay off the lunch debt for his entire Vancouver, Washington school, along with six other schools.

Keoni raised the money by selling his homemade key chains for $5 a pop, raising $4,015 during his Benjamin Franklin Elementary School’s Kindness Week. Even though Keoni is a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, he said he was inspired by 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who donated more than $27,000 to pay off school lunch debt. In 2017-18, 75% of school districts had unpaid meal bills.