Hoosiers With Food Stamps Will Receive Maximum Benefits

indiana ebt card

Going to the grocery store looks a lot different for folks these days… They’re counting you to avoid going over capacity. You’re seeing signs that limit the quantity of certain things that individuals can buy. It’s gonna look a little different for people who use SNAP benefits (sometimes called food stamps) from the state – in a good way!

According to CBS4Indy, Hoosiers with SNAP will get the maximum allowed benefits to help them get through the current health crisis with Coronavirus (aka COVID-19). Starting this month, benefit cards will be automatically loaded with the max amount. This goes for anyone approved for benefits in the month of April as well. Anyone already recieving the maximum will see no change.

Benefits depend on the number of people in the household based on what you would have reported on your application:

Number in SNAP Household Maximum Benefit
1 $194
2 $355
3 $509
4 $646
5 $768
6 $921
7 $1,018
8 $1,164
Each additional person Add $146


Benefits this month are divvied out beginning the April 5 through April 23 – the exact day depends on where you fall in the alphabet. Indiana does not expect any delays for people getting SNAP benefits on their cards.