CDC Updates Guidelines For Essential Employees Returning To Work

3D illustration of "CENTERS for DISEASE CONTROL" title on medical document

Ever-changing times call for constant updates on what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends we do when it comes to dealing with Coronavirus (aka COVID-19).

Before, the move was to stay at home for 14 days once you’ve been exposed to an individual that tested positive for the virus. That’s going to look a little different for people considered “essential.”

Now, in an effort to get essential employees back to working in healthcare, food supply, and other critical areas, the CDC is updating those guidelines. At this point, it is recommended that as long as someone is not showing symptoms of COVID-19 return to work. There are some stipulations though.

Employers in critical industries mentioned above should be checking workers’ temperatures each day, requiring face masks in the workspace, sending employees showing signs of illness home right away, increasing air exchange in the workspace, and amplifying cleaning procedures.

According to The Hill, there may be upped compensation for those working on the front lines. Click here for more info!

Just to be clear, if you don’t do fit under that “essential” umbrella, you are still expected to maintain social distancing procedures by staying home as much as possible. Thanks for helping flatten the curve!