Deb: What I Found In The Glove Box of My Car


I recently took my car in for repairs.

Like always, I took five minutes to remove any important items from my car that I would need or, in the very rare chance, would compromise my safety. (Yes, I watch too many crime documentaries and, as a result, am extra super dee duper careful.) For example, I removed my house key from the key ring that I would leave in the mechanic’s drop box, as well as the important paperwork (insurance documents that contain personal info) from the car’s glove box.

My husband thinks it’s a little over the top, but I’m okay with that. At the end of the day, I feel safe. Don’t even get me started on the fact that he accidentally left our garage door opened all night years ago. I still remember that conversation the next morning.

Me: Greg, someone could have come into our house!

Him: But, DID they?

Me: But, they COULLLLLLLD have!

I probably didn’t sleep well for several days after that incident.

Back to my car repairs, as I removed the envelope containing my registration & insurance, a $20 bill fell from the paperwork and onto the floor of my garage. Seeing this happen brought a huge smile to my face.

Let me tell you why…

When I began driving as a teenager who styled my hair with enough White Rain that my locks literally did not move when I turned to check both ways at a stop sign, my sweet grandmother shared an important piece of advice. Words of wisdom that I still use today. What was it?

‘Always keep a $20 bill in your glove box.’

I’ve done this for 31 years. My clever grandmother explained that should I ever forget my wallet or my purse, and be low on fuel, I would have money to cover the expense. Of course, she also shared that I must remember to REPLACE that $20 if I use the money in a time of need, otherwise, it defeats the purpose. I have always replaced the money, except that one time two years ago when I did, indeed, forget my purse, found my gas tank on E (‘FUMES’ would be more accurate!) and quickly found myself with one less $20 bill than I had hoped.

Yes, I had spent the $20. Probably on something useless, like concessions at a ballgame, instead of taking the time to drive to an ATM. Thank goodness for amazingly generous co-workers who came to my rescue and count on me for on-air material. (No, folks, we don’t make this stuff up.)


As I picked that $20 off of my garage floor & placed it in my wallet, I was reminded of how grateful I am for my 96-year-old grandmother and her useful advice over the years. She is a bright lady who worked at a factory when she was younger and always has a life lesson (or six!) to share. I have since passed down my grandmother’s practical advice to my own son as he began driving.

My grandmother, working at the factory.

How about you?

What advice has been handed down to you over the years? And who is the person remembered for their guidance? Long after she is gone, I will remember my Grandmother for her feisty spirit and hard work ethic, as well as advice that keeps me safe…

‘Always keep a $20 in your glove box.’