A 103-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Beating Coronavirus By Chugging A Beer

This is my favorite story from the week by far.

According to USA Today, a 103-year-old woman by the name of Jennie Stejna was the first to test positive for the COVID-19 in her nursing home and had a low-grade fever and moved to a different ward in her nursing home.

Jennie didn’t grasp the concept of COVID-19, she just knew she was very ill. As her conditions worsened, her family said what they thought was their final goodbyes, and on May 13 there was some good news, she had recovered!

The staff gave Jennie what she asked for, an ice cold Bud Light to celebrate! It was something she loved, but hasn’t drank in a long time! Hey, if you’re 103 and can beat COVID-19, you can drink anything you want!