Deb: The Real Reason I Avoid The Car Wash

Many of you, my husband included, love a good car wash. He goes every week. (He also loves a good air freshener, and can spend 20 minutes picking one out.) *Insert eye rolling here* Grocery shopping can take longer than I prefer some days.

I’ve learned to pick my battles. đŸ˜‰

I, myself, am not a fan of going to the carwash. The reason dates back to an incident (more like disaster) that took place 31 years ago and I’ve never gotten past the ordeal. I’m not thrilled with what I’m about to share…

I was a teenager in the driver’s seat, and attempted to line my car up on the tracks that pull your car through the wash as soon as you put the gearshift in neutral. I was gauging my distance by using the handy overhead mirror, when all of a sudden I heard a terrible noise, a muffled scream that grabbed my attention.

What just happened?


Yes, the carwash employee’s FOOT. I drove over it!

Seriously, there no words.

All I could hear was ‘My foot, my foot!’ I looked to my right where another employee was motioning for me to pull forward, so I did. I could see in my rearview mirror that the employee was ok, but hopping around. I checked to make sure he wasn’t injured, and they told me he was fine, but it hasn’t left my memory. Certainly not one of my proudest moments.

So now, I would rather drive a car caked with mud for days. Weeks.

YEARS, even. Yes, I’ve visited a car wash since this happened, 2, maybe 3 times, but didn’t enjoy it. It’s too nerve-racking.

A shiny, clean car that glistens in the sun just isn’t that important to me. Not driving over feet seems to be a larger priority.

Who can relate?