How Early Is Too Early To Start Drinking This Weekend?

Many are fans of Bloody Marys, Screw-Drivers, Mimosas or Screw-Ups. Cocktails associated with brunches or before noon imbibing. So when is it TOO early to drink on your weekends?

According to YouGov, more than 2,500 Americans were asked how early is TOO early to enjoy your first adult beverage on non-workdays.

And only 23% said we should wait until 5:00 P.M. or later. 16% said it’s okay to start drinking at NOON. And 10% said that TEN IN THE MORNING or earlier is fine. Another 8% said 11:00 A.M…and 26% said sometime between one and four o’clock.

Men are almost twice as likely to think morning drinking is okay on the weekend. And a lot of people in their twenties also agreed with that. Overall, most people described themselves as “social,” “weekend,” or “special occasion” drinkers. Over a third said they don’t drink at all. 3% said they enjoy a drink at every opportunity…and only 5% of us drink every day.