Best Chicken Wings In Indianapolis

Back when I first started in January, I posted a very controversial question: where are the best wings in Indy? A lot of suggestions we’re made on our Facebook page and in honor of National Chicken Wing Day, let’s take another look at the results!

Ale Emporium was the clear favorite receiving the most votes by far. Following the suggestions, I tried out their hermanaki wings for the first time the following weekend and they didn’t disappoint!

Another wing spots that received some love included Chatham Tap, Checkered Flag, Wings Etc., St. Paul Tavern, J’s and Jeff St. Tavern.

My girlfriend and I love to find the best spots to get wings in new cities…soooooo what's the best wing place in Indy? Also feel free to chime in on the phone 317-255-WFMS – Brooks on the Radio

Posted by 95.5 WFMS on Wednesday, January 22, 2020