Luke Bryan Says These Two Artists Need To Win Entertainer Of The Year ASAP

Luke Bryan
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Well perhaps you heard the big news this week—Garth Brooks has taken himself permanently out of the running for Entertainer of the Year.

It comes on the heels of some major backlash.

Garth won the award in 2019 and many felt it should have gone to Carrie Underwood. In his press conference on Facebook, he said someone tweeted him saying he should just take himself out of the running and he thought that was a smart move.

There’s been some mixed feelings about the announcement. Blake Shelton was not a fan of it and Luke Bryan is on the fence. But Luke did say there are two artists who need to be named Entertainer of the Year ASAP.

The first was Carrie Underwood.

According to Taste of Country, Luke actually thought she was going to win back in November. He said, “…if Carrie Underwood never wins a CMA Entertainer of the Year, that’s quite disturbing for me, because she’s definitely … she’s done everything you can do to win, in my opinion.”

He said the same goes for Eric Church.

Those are two names that many people have mentioned over the past couple of years. Keith Urban was in there too, but he finally got a win in 2018.