A $4 Purchase That Will Last A Lifetime

 Kevin here ….

My dad has a backyard pond. It features upper and lower pools, a few water falls, and even a foot bridge over the stream.  However, my dad’s Great-Grands-Kids noticed the pond was missing one thing ………. goldfish!

What does an 87 year old Great-Grandpa do????  He runs out and buys some goldfish of course!

Dad says it was the best $4 dollars he ever spent.  I’m sure the kids agree.

These preschoolers loved helping Papa Chet stock his pond with the colorful fish.  They can’t wait come back over and feed them.  I’m sure they will be the best fed goldfish in Indiana (or maybe the whole mid-west).

It’s something they will remember for years to come!

Proof that it’s not how much MONEY you spend on a gift, it’s how much TIME you spend with the gift.