Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer Is Coming To Shelves Soon

This is the week that pumpkin spice starts showing up…well, everywhere. Dunkin will officially be putting out their pumpkin spice latte and fall flavored drinks/food items on Wednesday.

Starbucks will be quick to follow and Trader Joe’s will soon have their whole assortment of maple, apple and pumpkin snacks ready to go.

One thing I wouldn’t have imagined going pumpkin is hard seltzer. Something about fizzy pumpkin spice just doesn’t sound appealing to me. But, I also don’t order the PSL so I’m not a good judge.

VIVE is releasing the drink in September, but apparently it’ll only hit shelves in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

If there is enough demand, it might go nationwide. However, I have seen them gifting their drinks to area “influencers” and they are the official hard seltzer of the Pacers, so maybe we will see it in Indy.