Who Is The Nicest Person In Country Music?

It’s the question we are asked most often…who is the nicest artist in country music?

We’ve chatted with just about all of them, minus George Strait, who still remains on our interview ‘bucket’ list. Most all of the others have been in the studio or called to chat, from Garth, to Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Reba, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney and all the others in between. One thing’s for sure: The people who work in country music are some of the kindest individuals you will come across in your lifetime.

Darius Rucker once told us after moving to the country music genre from the pop format: ‘You are like one big family in country music. Everyone treats each other so nice. You form relationships. It isn’t like this in the pop format.’

Darius is right.

So, back to the question we mentioned earlier: ‘Who is the nicest person in country music?’ We have our own opinions among the three of us, but hands down, we agree that Garth and Keith Urban go out of their way to be conversational, ask how we’re doing, and are consistently kind.

Everyone has an off day, but when it comes to Garth and Keith, we’ve never seen them moody or act as though they would rather be somewhere else. They appreciate the people they meet. Even Keith once told Kevin, ‘Thank you for all you do. We’re partners, and I couldn’t get my music out there to fans without you.’ We’ve also watched Keith make time for anyone who stops him to visit, though his security team probably wishes he would keep moving.  😉

The folks in country music are genuine people. Who is YOUR fave?