A Conversation With My Son: What Do You Miss From The Past?

Talking with my son last week, and he said something that stuck with me. He was rushing through the kitchen, grabbing a snack from the pantry, and randomly blurted out something that I thought was very profound.

Son: Things were better before everyone was addicted to their phones.

Me: But, I would say you use your phone as much as anyone else?

Son: True. I wish I didn’t, though.

Never would have thought I would hear those words out of his mouth. Our phones certainly make life convenient, allow us to check bank accounts while in line at the grocery store, give us information within seconds when we don’t know the answer, connect to family when we are miles apart, and send quick messages when we don’t have time to make an actual call, and so much more.

Yet, they also represent a life that is on the go, sometimes rushing by so quickly that we don’t actually find time to take in the moment. Everyone seems to want instant gratification. Like anyone, I miss some of the ‘old’ ways of doing things, though they aren’t necessarily the fastest or easiest methods. Making ice cream from scratch, Saturday morning cartoons, handwritten letters in the mail, answering the phone when you didn’t know who was calling, and excitedly looking through photographs you had developed before leaving the store’s parking lot. What about you?

What do you miss from the past?