Zoom Will Remove Its 40-Minute Time Limit On Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving is next week, a lot of people still aren’t sure if they’re going home or not for the long weekend and many are slyly trying to get out of going home so that they can enjoy the holiday to themselves.

Well think again because Zoom is here to let your relatives talk to you as much as they want because they are removing their 40-minute time limit on every free account!

According to Business Insider, starting at 12am on November 26th through 6am on November 27th, you’ll be given 30 hours of meeting time so you can essentially spend the whole day with your family and then mute the call whenever something awkward happens.

While you won’t be able to eat your grandparents” signature dish this year, at least you can eat fast food and not be judged because who cooks a turkey for one!?