TikTok Video Featuring Luke Combs Song Goes Viral…And He Loves It [WATCH]

Luke Combs
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images,)

You never know what video is going to go viral, but you’ve got a pretty good chance if it involves a proposal or an adorable grandparent. And the video below has BOTH.

The woman in the video shares that her grandpa had not been in good health, so her family went to see him this summer. Knowing how important her grandpa was to her, her boyfriend decided to pop the question with him there.

As you can see, he was pumped! It looked like it took a minute for him to realize what was happening, but once he figured it out, he was all smiles.

Luke Combs’ song “Forever After All” was featured in the video, which his team found and shared with him. And he LOVED it! He told Taste of Country:

“I think that’s the coolest thing as an artist that you can accomplish—is hearing the stories or watching the moments that fans have with your songs. That’s why you do it, man, to make people happy and give them a feeling of connection to your music.”


@lukecombsBeen enjoying everyone’s #ForeverAfterAll videos. Yall keep them coming! This one’s awesome. #LukeCombs rp: @emilyjunee♬ Forever After All – Luke Combs