Finding Variety At Indianapolis Healthplex

If you’ve been making your fitness a priority to start the new year, there’s a good chance you have or will hit a bit of a workout “rut.” Sometimes you either don’t know what to do, or perhaps you’re feeling a little bored with your routine. I’ve definitely been there myself.

However, that hasn’t been the case at Indianapolis Healthplex. Between their entire floors of both cardio and strength equipment, multiple swimming pools, basketball courts, indoor tennis courts, their indoor track and endless options for class workouts, I always look forward to get moving.

While it’s colder outside, I usually use the Stairmaster or play basketball for cardio and mix in strength training a few days a week to get ready to get back into running this spring. No matter what your interests are, I highly recommend checking them out to start working towards your health goals for the new year and beyond!

This is a sponsored post by Indianapolis Healthplex. All reviews and opinions expressed in this posted are based on my personal view.