Man Had No Idea Knife Was Lodged In His Chest

A Filipino man experiencing sharp, stabbing pains in his chest was shocked when a doctor diagnosed him with having a condition known as… having a four-inch knife blade lodged in his rib cage.

According to LadBible, 36-year-old Kent Ryan Tomao says he occasionally had some chest pains in cold weather, but never knew what caused it. He applied for a job at a mine and had to undergo a routine chest X-ray. That’s when he was told that a knife was stuck in his chest, and it was most-certainly the cause of his unusual chest pain. He said he had no idea there was a knife in his body, even though he remembered being a victim in a stabbing attack a year earlier.

Tomao says he nearly died at the time, but always assumed that doctors did everything they needed to do to save his life. He had no idea that doctors left the blade inside, right next to his lung. Despite that, he says he has no intention of suing the doctor who treated him because he doesn’t want to get him in trouble. All he wants now is to have surgery to remove the knife so he could get a job at the mine.