What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Hey, everyone!

It’s Deb, and when it comes to pet peeves, we all have them. Some more than others.

Since I was a young child, I have not been able to sit in restaurant booths. It’s still a thing for me today. As soon as I enter a restaurant and spot a booth, I immediately ask the hostess for a table as my kids inevitably roll their eyes. Why can’t I sit in a booth? Good question. To me, it’s completely reasonable. To others, it’s a bit odd. Something about the rips in the cushions and food crumbs in the crevices. Just describing it is making me nauseous.

My husband, Greg, has his own pet peeve. You may recall our conversations on the air about his sensitivity for listening to others eat, especially tortilla chips. It makes him cringe and he struggles to focus on anything else, so don’t invite Greg for chips & salsa anytime soon. I promise you, he won’t show.

Jim Denny’s pet peeve is meeting someone who arrives late. ‘If you say you’re going to be there at 7, then arrive on time, not 7:10. That’s 7:10.’ I’m still trying to figure out how Jim and I have been friends for all of these years because I tend to often run a few minutes behind. Must be my charm.

Kevin Freeman has made it no secret that he is protective of his space, so clearly, his pet peeve would be anyone standing too close to him. If you notice Kevin taking a step or two backwards, you’re too close and invading his space. He means well, yet if Kevin can feel the warm exhale from your nose, your conversation will be ending soon.

What about you? What’s YOUR pet peeve?