Adam Sandler Responds To Viral IHOP TikTok Video

Adam Sandler finally commented on that viral video an IHOP waitress posted on TikTok.

Dayanna Rodas shared the surveillance video showing Sandler and his daughter asking for a table. Rodas, not recognizing the funnyman and his daughter, told him it would be a 30-minute wait, at which point Sandler decided to leave. Once she eventually realized who it was, Rodas posted the video and wrote, “Pleaseee come back.”

Millions of people viewed the video and commented on how the big star didn’t use the “do you know who I am?” line to get a table. Also, people loved that he was just doing a typical dad thing in taking his daughter to IHOP. Sandler finally responded Monday night tweeting, “For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn’t apply to the milkshakes.”