The Newest KitKat Flavor Tastes Like A Popular Cereal

I don’t eat KitKat bars often, but when I do, I’m usually pretty satisfied. What I’m getting at here, is that the original chocolate and wafer candy bar is great in its original form. It’s even better in the dark chocolate option (in my humble opinion). But, I don’t necessarily think we needed this new version…

According to Delish, the new Fruity Cereal flavor has a “creamy, subtly fruity taste. It reminds me of the delight you feel when drinking all of the leftover milk after you finish the cereal.” I hate milk, so that description makes me want to vomit.

Judging by the photo on the packaging, it is supposed to taste like Fruit Loops. By all accounts it does…and I’ve actually read some good reviews. I wouldn’t buy it, but if it showed up for free in front of me, I’d give it a try. If you’re intrigued, you can find it in stores now.