An Entire Burger King Staff Quit By Announcing On Marquee

. (Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images)

Have you and your coworkers ever been so frustrated that you fantasized about EVERYONE walking out on the job…all at once?  Well, THIS is what it might look like if it happened.

The entire staff of a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska walked out, and they announced it on the restaurant’s marquee, saying, quote, “We all quit.  Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The employees say it was justified, because they were overworked, understaffed, forced to work in a very hot kitchen without air conditioning and corporate wouldn’t repair their broken equipment.

So when the general manager of this location put in her two weeks’ notice, it started a chain reaction until everyone wanted out. Rachael Flores is the former general manager, and she said that they didn’t think anyone would really care about the marquee…they just wanted to put up a sign to say, sorry, there’s not going to be anyone here.

Burger King hasn’t commented, but upper management was not happy. They changed the marquee immediately and shifted employees so the location did remain open.