What Makes You Happy?

We all have something, a memory or event, that triggers happiness when we think of it. What would that be for you?

I thought about this yesterday as I was sitting on the couch writing in a journal and could hear our youngest son, Hayden, singing in our basement. He loves music and is always singing. Every parent wants the best for their children, so hearing him happy brings me joy.

I found myself smiling.

What is something that makes you smile? Other items I could mention are looking through old handwritten letters, something people rarely send any more, or green-tinted glass bottles of Coca-Cola, my father’s preferred soda. Even seeing the brand’s logo on a semi truck rolling down the highway makes me smile, as I can see my father sipping the frosty bottle in his favorite recliner with our wood-paneled walls as his backdrop.

Even this mug brings me happiness, for obvious reasons.

Jim shared that working with Kevin and I brings him happiness, though I know what he really meant to say was ‘boxed red wine.’

Kevin was home today, which means not hearing the alarm clock blast him awake surely makes him happy.

What about YOU?