New Artist Conner Smith Releases ‘I Hate Alabama’ At A Very Coincidental Time

Talk about timing.  New artist Conner Smith released a song on Friday called ‘I Hate Alabama’ and the next day, on Saturday, the University of Alabama lost their first football game in 680 days.

According to Country Now, The song is about a guy from Georgia who got his heart broken by an Alabama girl.  But it’s full of references to the team.  They’re the Crimson Tide, their battle cry is “Roll Tide”… and the school is in Tuscaloosa. 

Conner is a Tennessee Volunteers fan, and he didn’t write the song, but he knew it was special as soon as he heard it.  Quote, “I’d be a junior in college right now if I’d gone.  And so really playing into that and to get a song like this was just kind of perfect.”

It’s not exactly a diss track, but the title is enough for people to make it so.  And, it’ll always haunt Alabama.  Fans from rival schools will be singing this forever.