Zac Brown Wants To Have A Slap Fight With This Country Superstar


Zac Brown is a huge fan of MMA. According to the singer, he has practiced Judo in the past and is an avid watcher of the fights.

And while he’s not challenging anyone to a cage fight, he does want to get his hands on another country artist. Zac has challenged none other than Jason Aldean to a slap fight.

“You just stand there and slap each other…we’ll do it all for charity.”

I can’t say I’ve ever seen, or for that matter, heard of a slap fight. But honestly, I would pay some money to watch one between Zac Brown and Jason Aldean. As to why he picked Jason, Zac said, “He’s just a Southern boy, I think he might be game to do it. I think he could handle it.”

As of now, Jason hasn’t responded. But here’s hoping he accepts the challenge.