According To This Wedding Photographer, My Marriage Might Be Doomed

I’ve been married for a whole two months now, but according to a wedding photographer on TikTok, said marriage might already be doomed.

In the aforementioned video, the photographer mentions three behaviors (which we will now call red flags) she’s witnessed while taking photos at the wedding. These red flags apparently spell bad news for a newly betrothed couple.

Red flag #1: One spouse takes a lot of family photos without their better half. We each took photos with and without each other, but not a lot of them, so I’d say we’re good there.

Red flag #2: The bridal parties avoid talking about the groom/bride when getting ready or during their speeches. This typically means they don’t like him/her/they. We didn’t have a wedding party, but everyone got along as far as I know. In fact, we almost got kicked out of the hotel for being too loud at the after-after party.

Red flag #3: So here’s where we have a problem. The last red flag states that the couple spends more time with friends than with each other at the reception. We did the first dance and some photos, and then I drank a lot and he emceed and we’d meet up when we met up.

In my defense, we’d already been together for eight years, and I’m planning to spend the rest of my life with him. It was important to me to spend time with friends from other states, like California and Texas. How often will I see them now that I’m officially settled down? I like to think this one isn’t correct, but what do you think?

I guess we can follow up in a year or two and see how things are shaping up.


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