This Is A Great Example Of How The WFMS Listener Is Like Family To Us.

We get messages from listeners everyday. Some requesting a song, some wanting info about a concert, and other just wanting to say hi. Yesterday, on the day we remember the attacks on 9/11, we got this quick note from Bonnie.

This message is for Jim. 22 years ago when our world was falling apart in front of us, I was terrified like most people. I was watching it on the internet. I left where I was working in Columbus, IN and I was going to fill up my van with gas. when I started my van you were on my radio helping people , giving out information, etc. then you changed my life, out of nowhere Jim you said, “They have no idea who they have messed with. We will not stand for this!” It was the first thing I heard that was positive! I can’t begin to tell you how much that changed me. I was still scared, but not terrified. Jim every year since then when this day comes around I think of you and how with just a few words you lifted my spirits and changed how I went thru the next few days and weeks. Thank you so very much for being such a great person on the air at WFMS on that day and all of the days since then. Also, thanks to Deb & Kevin. Can’t imagine not hearing you on WFMS! God Bless you!

Thanks for the nice note Bonnie. This is a great example of how the WFMS listener is like family to us. And we couldn’t agree more … God Bless the USA!