Jim, Deb & Kevin

Jim, Deb & Kevin
We’re Jim, Deb & Kevin and you can hear us weekday mornings on 95.5 WFMS in Indy! We have been a morning team on WFMS since 2001 and we love what we do. (Okay, we don’t LOVE that early morning alarm clock, but hey…)
We love everything about country music: How it tells a story, takes you back to a memory from your past and creates emotion, whether it’s happy or sad. We have too many favorite songs over the years to pick just one and we love that country music artists are a lot like all of us: Real people who value their family and country.
We consider you a part of our family and truly appreciate that you let us in to your home (or car or office) each and every day. It’s an honor.
Crank up WFMS and we hope to see you soon!

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