Chase Rice is Upset with Doctor’s Orders Following Surgery

It’s Deb…

Our friend Chase Rice (who killed it recently at 8 Seconds Saloon!) recently underwent surgery to repair a torn pec after injuring himself while shooting a music video in California. You heard me right. HE TORE HIS PECTORAL MUSCLE.

The words alone make me squeamish. Lucky for his fans, Chase was in the giving mood and shared a photo of himself on Instagram laying in his hospital bed. (Many females commented that they are now considering a career change to the nursing field, but I digress.) Chase can definitely pull off this fashionable look, don’t you think?


Photo courtesy of Instagram/Chase Rice

Chase says he won’t let an arm sling keep him from performing at tomorrow’s scheduled show in South Carolina. He is also NOT happy with the doctor’s orders to avoid pizza during his initial recovery. As Chase put it, ‘It’s a little bit of bullsh*t, but whatever.’ A cauliflower-pizza crust is apparently NOT topping his list of cravings.

Get better, Chase!




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