Join JDK on J Lo’s 10-Day Diet Challenge!

It’s Deb…

I’m going to start by saying J Lo’s 10-Day Diet Challenge may be the most RIDICULOUS challenge we’ve attempted in, well, EVER. Not that it wouldn’t produce results, but for the very reason that all 3 of us like to eat.

A lot.

And we eat a lot of the bad stuff. Especially this time of the year, I mean, who isn’t indulging in meatloaf, ham & beans or lasagna with buttery garlic bread? WE WANT ALL THE FOOD. People drop off free food for radio employees all the time. Yes, it’s usually because they want a free mention on the air, though we tend to believe it’s really the public perception that we work so hard that we skip meals and are famished. Okay, not really, but that theory makes us feel better. So, when doughnuts, cookies, cakes, sandwiches, and pizzas are randomly dropped off at WFMS on Shadeland Avenue, we are usually at the front of the line.

We may have a problem.

I’ve talked about my love for anything cake on the air, which will certainly be my weakness during the 10-day Challenge. (Along with my favorite white chocolate mocha coffee! I’m getting nauseous just thinking about it.) I mean, I looooooooooooooove cake. It’s a thing for me, and life is too short to not enjoy your favorite things from time to time. So, my ‘cake rule’ is if I’m at a restaurant and see carrot cake on the menu, I order it.

Every time. (Same rule applies to menus with bread pudding, by the way.) LOVE both.

Back to our 10-Day Diet Challenge, here are the basics: No sugar, low carbs (no alcohol, either, folks!) and reasonable portions of healthy foods for 10 days. To clarify, that’s 10 CONSECUTIVE days. (Jim asked if he could do every other day. No, Jim, you cannot.) We figured the day after the Super Bowl would be a great day to start, since we will likely be face-planting in all kinds of unhealthy appetizers. Jennifer Lopez says her trainer created this challenge in an effort to ‘reset’ her body, which craves sugar. We also made sure Day 10 of the Challenge would be the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day, so bring on the chocolate on 2/14! (NOTE: This is not a long-term diet plan, so please don’t try this longer than 10 days. We also are not dieticians & this should not be replaced as medical advice from your doctor.)

J Lo shares a photo during her 10-Day Diet Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Instagram/Jennifer Lopez)


That being said, we want to give J Lo’s 10-Day Diet Challenge a try! WHO’S WITH US? We can hold each other accountable and then, hopefully, share some cool results when it’s over! Fill out the form below and listen for more information as we begin on Monday morning! We will be sharing more here in the next couple of days on what you CAN eat, suggested meals, etc, along with Facebook Live videos of how we’re doing. Share yours as well, as we can SUFFER make progress together!  At the conclusion of the challenge, we’ll select 10 participants and they will get to bring a guest and join us for a celebratory meal at City Barbeque.

Good luck!

Deb (JDK)

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P.S. J Lo’s abs not guaranteed.  😉


DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor for medical advice. We are not doctors, just friends who talk on the radio.