Brad Paisley Set To Star In A New Show Coming To Amazon

Brad Paisley
(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for TuneIn )

My mom is going to love this. She thinks Brad Paisley is hilarious, so I’m sure she’ll be a fan of his new show coming to Amazon.

Paisley will star in Fish Out of Water and be an executive producer. The Boot describes it as follows:

Larry Sanders take on celebrity vanity projects and a behind-the-scenes look at country star Paisley’s struggle to keep a simple little fishing show from turning into his own personal Fyre Festival.

Will Arnett is also set to star in the new Amazon show. Now while the concept has been picked up, that doesn’t 100% mean it’ll make it to the small screen.

But, it’s Brad Paisley so I’d say there’s a pret-ty good chance it’ll see the light of day.