The Band Perry’s Fans Are Turning “DONE.” Into Their Personal Anthem

While The Band Perry's latest hit, "DONE.," seems to address the abrupt end of a relationship, the group has heard stories of fans applying the lyrics to a lot of different scenarios.

"It's cool, it really taps into a sentiment more than a story," Kimberly Perry tells theTahoe Daily Tribune. "We’ve seen a lot of feedback from our fans that says ‘All I want to be is done with school so I can get on to the summer,’ or ‘All I want to be is done with my diet so I can get back to eating chocolate.’ So it’s been really cool to see them take the song and use it for whatever they need it for.”

The Band Perry has a different reason for celebrating their latest single from their sophomore album, Pioneer.  Kimberly says, "It was the very last one written for Pioneer. So it was very fitting that the title was called 'DONE.'"

The Band Perry will perform "DONE." and several other songs from Pioneer at their show in West Fargo, ND on Saturday. Share your "DONE" stories below.


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